Private Surf or SUP Lessons
(2 hour lesson)


  • A private 2-hour lesson
  • Highly experienced coaches
  • Numerous picturesque locations depending on conditions
  • Kenting & Hengchun area pickup/drop-off

A private surf or SUP lesson means that your lesson will only include you and your family or your friends with your own instructor.

All surf and SUP lessons take place at one of several scenic locations on the South Coast, depending on the conditions. We’ll take you to the safest and most suitable location on the day.
Join us for healthy outdoor, uncrowded adventures.


Learn to surf in South Taiwan. Our course includes etiquette, water safety, board safety, and the basics of paddling, standing, and riding, plus at least two hours (depending on how your arms feel!) of wave catching and riding.
It’s a fantastic feeling to catch your first wave, and we want you to share that moment with your family and friends. Join us for an unforgettable lesson!

SUP (Standup Paddle):

There’s nothing quite like paddle boarding the tropical waters of South Taiwan. Take in the sights, sounds, and beauty of the surrounding environment while getting a full-body workout!

We’ll teach you how to balance, proper paddling techniques and – if you’d like – catching small waves. Or we can have a relaxing flat-water paddle and check out the coast and beaches.


  • 3+ People NT$2500 per person
  • 2 people NT$2900 per person
  • 1 person NT$3300

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